Financial Tips When you Travel

Do you have upcoming travel plans? We encourage you to keep the following tips in mind when traveling to keep your finances safe and ensure a smooth, carefree vacation.

  • NOTIFY US OF YOUR TRAVEL PLANS: We encourage you to call us in advance of your travel plans so we can ensure your debit and/or credit card remains active and your funds remain available. Simply call (307) 684-2211 or (800) 766-3641 during normal banking hours to speak with a customer service representative. 
  • TRAVEL LIGHT: Only carry the cards you will use while you travel. Leave unnecessary cards at home.
  • HOLD THE MAIL: To avoid potentially sensitive mail piling up while you are gone, notify the post office of your travel plans and ask that a hold be placed on your mail. 
  • CONSIDER A TRAVEL CARD: Travel cards are prepaid, reloadable and accepted anywhere VISA cards are accepted.
  • RESEARCH EXCHANGE RULES: Research rules and laws about exchanging money at your destination and only use official exchange facilities. 
  • REVIEW HEALTH INSURANCE: Review your health insurance coverage while traveling and consider medical travel insurance.