Introducing our New EMV Chip Debit and Credit Cards

Over the next several weeks, First Northern Bank will be completing the transition of all debit and credit cards to new EMV Chip Cards. Once you receive your new chip enabled card(s), simply activate the card and begin using it immediately. Your old card should be securely shredded or destroyed. 

Improved Security

Your card(s) will now include the latest embedded microchip technology which provides an added layer of security, providing greater protection against fraud. The embedded chip is encrypted, safeguarding your personal information during the transaction process.

World-Wide Acceptance

Your chip card(s) will also make traveling easier and more convenient with its wide acceptance. Your card continues to have the traditional magnetic stripe on the back, enabling you to use it at merchants without chip-enabled terminals.

How It Works

  • Merchants, such as a grocery store, may ask you to insert your card into the terminal or they may ask you to swipe the magnetic stripe.
  • If you're asked to insert the card, look for a slot on the bottom-front of the terminal and insert your card face up with the chip first.
  • Leave your card in the terminal until the transaction is complete.
  • The terminal will prompt you to sign or enter a PIN to validate your identity.
  • Take your card when prompted.

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