Trust and Estate Services

Since 1975, First Northern Bank has been proud to offer Trust and Estate Services. We work on an individual basis with our clients and tailor our service to our clients' unique needs and our fiduciary requirements.

Our trust officers utilize a team approach so that no matter who you speak with, you get the answers you need right away. Our mission is to establish a lasting and trusted relationship with our clients. After all, we are your community bank and that mission carries through to everything we do.

Our Services

TRUSTEE / SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE First Northern Bank serves as trustee to manage your assets and administer the affairs of your trust if you are no longer able or willing to do so. As trustee, our services include trust accounting, investment management, bill-paying services, oil and gas management, property and business management, agriculture management, tax administration and more. 
BILL-PAYING AGENCY We provide bill paying services for a fixed fee. Based upon your instruction, we pay periodic bills and invoices on your behalf and provide you with clear records of all activity. 
MINERAL AGENCY We provide varying levels of service regarding the management of oil and gas or other mineral activities. Our services can be as simple as collecting and disbursing royalty payments, or we can provide more robust mineral management services including mapping, tracking of production, lease negotiations, and more. Contact Jason Keller to discuss these services.
EXECUTOR We provide executor / estate settlement services in which we perform all required duties to settle your estate in accordance with your wishes. 

Reasons for Appointing First Northern Bank as Trustee / Executor

WYOMING Wyoming has long been at the forefront of asset protection (Wyoming invented the LLC). LLCs in Wyoming enjoy anonymity as managers and owners are not public. Wyoming has also been a leader in the adoption of Dynasty Trusts up to 1,000 years and Asset Protection Trusts also known as Qualified Spendthrift Trusts. Lastly, Wyoming is the state of “no”: no income tax, no estate tax, no gift tax, and no excise tax on top of very low real estate tax.
EXPERIENCE The fiduciary landscape can be complex and challenging to navigate. With First Northern Trust, you'll find the level of expertise and service you need to help guide you through the process. All trust personnel complete extensive and ongoing training with Certified Trust and Financial Advisors (CTFA) on staff.
REGULATION / OVERSIGHT As a bank, we are under strict regulation from both state and federal agencies that ensure your trust is being administered in accordance with regulations, laws, and best practices. Additionally, we engage independent audits on an annual basis by a specialized fiduciary auditing firm. Most non-bank and family trustees are not subject to regulation and oversight.
MAINTAIN YOUR PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS We maintain relationships with your existing tax, legal and financial advisors who you trust and who know you best. For those without an existing financial advisor relationship, we provide those services to you. We act as an intermediary that brings all aspects of your estate and financial plan together. We realize that we cannot be all things to all people, which is why we become part of your trusted financial team to accomplish your goals. 
STABILITY First Northern Bank was founded in 1885 and still today remains a strong and growing independent community bank. You can rest assured that our team-approach services will be there through generations to come; serving your children, grandchildren, and beyond. 
INDEPENDENCE Even in the best situations, it can be difficult for a family member to act as trustee. When decisions need to be made, there is generally a high level of emotional stress, pressure from family to make certain decisions, or other problems that individual trustees encounter. We act as an independent, objective trustee that takes the stress off family members and allows impartial decisions to be made that are truly in the best interest of everyone. 

Trust Services Team

CHARLES J. GARRISON, CPA Senior Vice President - Senior Trust Officer(307) 425-6168 | Charlie Garrison leads First Northern Bank's Trust and Fiduciary division and brings a deep expertise to trust and fiduciary planning, tax, investment management and financial planning. Before joining First Northern Bank, Charlie was CEO of a major regional accounting and auditing firm. In that capacity, Charlie was directly responsible for financial institution audits, trust examinations, fiduciary and estate tax compliance, common trust funds audits and employee benefit plan oversight. Charlie graduated Summa Cum Laude (top 1%) from Colorado State University where he received a B.S. in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting. Charlie is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Wyoming Society of Certified Public Accountants. 

NICHOLAS B. THOM, CTFA Trust Officer - Administration & Investments(307) 684-8080 |
In addition to serving as Chief Financial Officer for First Northern Bank, Nick also provides investment and administrative expertise in the Bank's trust division, utilizing his 13+ years experience in fiduciary management. Prior to joining First Northern Bank, Nick held various positions in the investment industry and most recently was employed as an investment analyst with an institutional investment consulting firm on the West Coast.
Nick was born and raised in Wyoming and graduated Deans List from the University of Portland with a B.B.A. in Finance. He was also selected for the school's competitively selected Entrepreneur Scholars program. Nick is an honors graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Colorado, an honors graduate of the Cannon Trust School and is a Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA). Nick sits on several local scholarship committees, is the current chair of the Johnson County Library Foundation and is a past member of the Trust Committee for the Wyoming Bankers Association.
RYAN T. FIELDGROVE Trust Officer - Agriculture & Real Estate(307) 684-8080 |
Ryan grew up in a ranching family with operations in Johnson, Sheridan and Campbell Counties as well as Southern Oklahoma. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Agriculture Economics and has operated his ranch along with his family for the last 25+ years.
Ryan brings a deep expertise to business, ranching operations, and land stewardship. Ryan was awarded the Leopold Conservation Award for Wyoming in 2011, the Landowner of the Year award by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in 2012, and Top 10 Industry Leaders Under 40 by Beef Magazine in 2009. Ryan currently serves as the Chair of the Clear Creek Conservation District.

JESSICA D. NICHOLAS Trust Officer - Operations(307) 684-8080 |
Jessica leads the operations activities for First Northern Bank's trust division. Jessica grew up on her family ranch in Buffalo. She graduated from the University of Wyoming where she received a Bachelors in Business Administration. Jessica is also a graduate of the Cannon Trust School. Prior to joining First Northern Bank, Jessica worked for a major insurance company for over 10 years.
In her free time, Jessica enjoys running, skiing, hiking, and watching her two boys in football, basketball, and soccer. 

JASON E. KELLER Trust Officer - Mineral Specialist(307) 684-8025 |
Jason provides mineral management expertise for First Northern Bank's trust division. Jason previously worked as both a staff landman and an independent landman executing abstracts of title, lease acquisition, surface operations, and mineral management in addition to previous experience as a mineral specialist in the trust industry. Jason is passionate about partnering with his clients to maximize and protect this valuable mineral estate by utilizing his broad experience in oil, gas, solar, and wind. 
Weekends entail music, camping and hiking the Big Horn Mountains with his wonderful wife, children and Titus Norman - his 160 lb. English Mastiff. 

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